This Sufi Muslim artist is spreading the message of love and elevating consciousness through his new genre of music

Ozzie is a Qadiri Sufi Muslim, born and raised on Long Island New York, USA and of Pakistani Kashmiri ancestry. Long after having a record deal in Mumbai India in 2006, he has released independent albums featuring a new genre of music that combines essences of Sufism, teachings of elevating consciousness and contemporary music. Back then, his music was Pop and now, he sings Praise, and the time period in between reflects the trials and tribulations he went through as an artist. His latest albums are about raising vibration through dhikr of God by using specific Arabic and Urdu phrases. The songs are a concoction of modern and traditional dhikr or "remembrance" of the one God of creation.

Ozzie’s goal is to connect to open-minded people of faith, those who’re curious about other faiths and anyone who wishes to learn in general. His record label JUR Global aims to stand up against injustice, Islamophobia, religious persecution, and Satanic influences. “Many souls suffer chemically dependent, while others live detached on weed. They’re all hoping for an escape because they can’t handle the pain, I can sympathize but ultimately at some point, "life" will hit again, knocking them backward in a frame. The human race is stuck in a self-destructive cycle of perpetual lies. You can only free yourself once you put down the substances, and begin to believe in the Most High”, says Ozzie.

Ozzie believes that society today is stuck in a rut and is "conditioned" to believe that things will always stay like this and that there is nothing beyond the world that they see with their eyes. He wants to break this belief system so that people can elevate their consciousness and connect to Allah Subhanu wa'tala the Sustainer of all the worlds. Millions of people across the globe have a thirst for knowledge in their heart and a longing for breaking all the shackles of society. So dhikr Allah, and feel the touch of God.