The world as we know it is under a spell. People walk around cities as if they’re not walking through hell. Asleep and distracted always on their cell phones, not even noticing the poor on the street lying broken with no home. A numbness and apathy all induced by the lower self keeps the human body consumed with making wealth. Addicted to fetishes and driven by “needs”. Many souls suffer chemically dependent, while others live detached on weed. They’re all hoping for an escape because they can’t handle the pain, ultimately life hits again, knocking them backward in a frame. The human race is stuck in a self-destructive cycle of perpetual lies. You can only free yourself if you begin to believe in the Most High. This concept is something not discussed in modern reality. It seems like the choice is only available in the land of the free. Many nations don’t allow the mind to just drift, oligarchs and dictators won’t tolerate any shift. Endless cycles of news and commercial marketing make ears numb to the truth of what they see. When minds remain weak and are governed by fear, it’s easy to control masses because they would rather drink a beer, than hear something clear. The truth always hurts, and society has now become so fragile it’s beginning to look like a curse. Complaints and complaining while living in glass houses, people are more concerned about just pleasing their spouses. Lies upon lies we keep telling each other, many sit in therapy sessions hoping for truths they will never discover. The most important lie, of course, is the one society subtly tries to convince us. That God does not exist. Woe to the believers in that statement, it is the greatest delusion. The world as we know it finds peace in defiant confusion. So, tell me dear friend, are we here on Earth simply to just breed? Or is there something deeper to understand other than raising a family and living off greed? Did you not hear that “dark matter” exists? And science has no answer for the source of gravity nor any of it? So why does humankind remain so certain in their conclusions, when it’s obvious, we haven’t reached the final solution? We would rather get lost in diluted conversations because sometimes it’s easier to live the lie than delve deep in contemplation. Tell me, dear friend, is it the “50 shades of grey” that we are to worship while looking down upon on all those who pray? What makes those who practice sadomasochism so confident today?  If you have “a full cup” then you are always free to leave. But if your heart thirsts for knowledge, then dhikr Allah and continue to read.